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Safety to Supercede Comfort in Brazilian Air System July 26, 2007

Posted by Andrew in Airbus.

Complaints about travel delays within the domestic US have been the talk of the commercial aviation industry this summer, but in the wake of several recent deadly crashes in Brazil, delays are surely preferable to disaster. The Brazilian government is embracing this rhetoric, vowing that “if air safety means queues for some time longer, then there will be more queues.” In response to a GOL Linhas Aereas crash several months ago, and most recently a TAM Linhas Aereas crash in Sao Paulo that killed over two-hundred people, Brazil’s Defense Minister Nelson Jobim has begun to outline measures to stabilize the Brazilian air traffic control system. Criticizing his predecessors, he reiterated a belief that “Infraero (Brazil’s Airport Authority) had prioritized comfort over safety in past years, building shopping malls and food courts in airports rather than new runways.” Industry insiders expect a shuffling of officials within the various aviation and airport ministries, although some are fearful that appointees will be chosen based on political connections. Further details on Jobim’s plan to fix the turbulent Brazilian are expected in the coming days, but for now the emphasis is on stabilizing the system, which has been crippled by the aftermath of the TAM crash at the nation’s most populous airport, Congonhas, in Sao Paulo.

Source: Reuters



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